Lil Bit of Everything Garden Shed Plans

Free woodworking plans to build the Lil Bit of Everything Shed. A shed that packs a lot of storage and usefulness into a small 6' 6" x 4' space. Ideal for small backyards. Lawn mower, snow blower and other tool storage, fertilizer and soil storage, a work/potting bench and even a little bit of a greenhouse all in one.

I want to find a better way to store my lawnmower, snow blower and other yard tools and supplies but I don't have a very large backyard. I've been looking over various shed kits you can buy but none really fit exactly what I need. I've been working on different plans and this one so far has been my favorite.

My main requirements are to have a space where I can have one of either my walk-behind lawnmower or snow blower easily accessible depending on the season while the other one is tucked away. Other landscaping power tools such as edger, trimmer and leaf blower should have a home in the shed as well as hand tools that I use in the landscape or garden. Bags of soils, fertilizers and other amendments need a spot too. My lawn spreader is always getting in the way in the garage, let's try to get that in the shed. Maybe even a spot to park a bike. A space I could use as a workbench and potting bench would be so great!  Add that to the plan. If there's a workbench I better be able to stand up straight in it. While we're at it, let's have a clear roof so we can use the shed to harden off transplants or protect potted plants from frost too! Oh and let's not forget that I need it to be designed like those Yardsaver sheds that go up against the house.

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