Floating TV Wall Cabinet Plans

Free woodworking plans to build a wall mount, floating TV console cabinet that will hold cable boxes, DVD/Blu-Ray players and Movies.

My home theater equipment has been paired down considerably over the years. Where I once had multiple cabinets for a stereo system and set top boxes I don't really need much cabinet space at all anymore.  For a cleaner look and to save space I decided to build myself a TV cabinet that would mount on the wall. These DIY TV Wall Cabinet Plans are cheap and easy to build.
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Open Front Workbench Plans

Free woodworking plans to build an open front workbench out of 2x4's and plywood.

I have a small garage that is used for storage as well as working on projects. There's not a lot of room once my car is in so I try to be very aggressive with saving space. I also need to store things under it that roll or are very heavy so I didn'tt want to have low shelves that required picking things up.

The result is the Open Front Garage Workbench and in this post you'll find instructions on how to build your own.
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